Nate Brown is looking for volunteers to help setup and teardown and help customers with smiling service, and carrying of items during the sale, and to help acquire quality items for resale.  The Knights are very interested in your saleable donations for our yard sale.  IF you have any questions about an item, if you need pickup, or if you have metal for us to recycle, please call Nate at 616-874-8087 to find out more.  VOLUNTEERS please contact Nate by phone or let GK Larry know with our ONLINE signup form (below) if you plan to be working one or both of those days.  We cannot and do NOT want Televisions, or electronic items, such as old computers, monitors, etc, as we have to pay to throw them away and the likelihood of a sale is nearly zero.  (Best Buy does take televisions, at no charge, and you can deliver them at the store-just go in and alert someone and they will take it)

If you can wrap your item in clear plastic-we thank you!  Anything you can do to package your item, to help make it sale -able is greatly appreciated!!  We raise funds at this event to pay the costs of travel for our clergy, among other things.