Knights of Council 7761 are using Art, Social Media, and Community involvement to promote LIFE.  Please see our main product, our Facebook page, open for viewing 24/7, search Facebook for “ThumbsUpGR”.  This project is still ongoing!  Please “like” our page!

For the whole year, our Knights have been promoting life with art.  From venues at OLC to the Right to Life Bike and hike, the Parish Festival of St. Joseph the worker, and the Pregnancy Resource Center walk for life, the Thumbs Up art was displayed and people participated by putting their thumb print on.  See the facebook page “thumbsUpGR”.  Currently the art has been displayed at Our Lady of Consolation Church.








On Monday October 17 from 9-noon, about 250 OLC students and Teachers toured the art for about 10-20 minute
s each.  The stuartatolc-thuoct1314dents heard about the Cedar Wood that is “junk” to the furniture industry, they typically burn it.  We use the “unwanted” wood, paint it and make it valuable to our art.  We have 12 columns of cedar tiles (like 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 apostles) and the tiles are connected like grapes on a vine to a cross that has 3 nails holding the 96 tile mosaic to the Shin.  Because the weight of all the tiles hang from the cross and nails that go through the middle stem of the Shin (that represents Jesus), we can visually show how the weight of the sins of all the people (symbolized by the 96 tiles) is bore by one God/Man, Jesus.   Jesus also said, “I am the way, the truth and the light, no one gets to the Father except through me” and the only physical connection of the tiles and the Shin is through the cross and the nails.

Some of the kids got to hold the 12″ long Roman army crucifixion nails.  The “Shin” was explained, it is an ancient letter from the hebrew alphabet and dates back more than 3,000 years and was part of the first written language.  The Shin represents the God of the Hebrews, and to draw a Shin, you start from one point and draw up, 3 separate lines which represent the 3 forces of the Hebrew God “Yahweh”, which are a main force, a force that will touch you, and a force that is in the air all around everywhere.  At the top of each line is a dash symbolizing fire, because whatever this God comes in contact with, there are “fireworks” as this God creates, destroys, changes, but nothing is ever the same after contact.

There were discussions of the Ultrasound, the right to LIFE, the Declaration of Independence, Creation, the Universe–depending on the age of the students—and the kids got to bang on the Shin, it makes a great steel drum!


From Sept 17 to Oct 9, The Palace of India restaurant at Fulton and Ransom, downtown Grand Rapids graciously allowed us to use an area that they are trying to rent.  This is the third time they have done this!

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On Sunday November 13, Knights Pat Keeley, Andrew Cormier, along with Tim Mazcza and Husband of Jenny Fase (I am over 50 cant remember what he told me) got the Shin taken down and put back in storage.  Pat Keeley was able to remove the cedar tiles, cross and nails on Nov 9.

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