Wow!  Our Metal Drive is continuous!  You can take your metal to Padnos on Turner just north of Ann Street and tell them to put the cash into our account for Knights of Columbus 7761.  It is easy and, if you are trashing your metal, please consider having a container to collect for us!  Pickup items from neighbors who are throwing metal away.  Recycling metal keeps it out of the stinky landfills.  Please see videos below.

You enter the customer area near the metal Dog Sculpture and metal Dog House, and get in line.  If you need a cart, there are many.  You will be asked what type of metals you have and then you will put it on a scale.  Tell them your account is Knights of Columbus 7761, Rockford, MI


They will weigh and tell you how much you get.


So instead of throwing out pie tins, aluminum serving pans, scrap aluminum, copper wire, nails, etc, I collected two boxes worth $2.50.  I go by Padnos all the time.  You can have a knight pickup your metal recycling if you would rather not go there.