My Brother Knights, I would like to say thank you to my council for giving me the amazing opportunity to serve as Grand Knight the past year. I am confident in Larry Denhof’s abilities to take our council to the next level with under his leadership. We are very blessed to have a thriving council with strong leadership and successful projects. We cannot be a thriving council without the catholic beliefs bestowed upon as a Knight of Columbus. Let’s continue this success under our new Grand Knight, Larry Denhof.

I would like to convey a message from our own Bishop David Walkowiak from the State Convention. He wants us to support our pastor and ask him what we can do for HIM. We have many goals to achieve and we need to remember our first obligation is to our own pastor. Bishop Walkowiak is fully supportive of the Knights of Columbus and he wants us all to be successful. He is also asking us to do more than what we have done before. We are very blessed with many men with time, many talents and wonderful treasures to make our council successful. Again, I thank all of you for making my job easy!!

If you are a new member, I urge you to take an active role in the Knights of Columbus. We have many opportunities to offer you in achieving your personal goals with the Knights. It is up to you to step up and make it known what you want out of the Knights. Please help Larry and his new leadership to fill many project lead persons. Just remember, we can have fun doing these wonderful projects that make an impact in our community and church. Let us ALL make a difference!

Vivet Jesus!

David Lawerance