The Knights of OLC and ABVM are teaming up with that expert pie maker from up north to make super fresh PIES for you!   We are taking orders starting NOW  and you can ORDER ONLINE right here!  Use form below.  Please get your order in early.

  • Pie SALE! Now thru December 10 – We will be selling apple and cherry pies this year. Cost will be $9 for one or two pies, three for $25, and four or more for $8 each.  Orders will be taken at the Hearts and Holly bazaar, and continue through early December.  Pie production will be Saturday December 9, with orders ready for pickup at all weekend masses December 9 & 10.  Volunteers are needed, see GK for details.

Saturday   Dec 9  Customer PICKUP   2 PM to 6 PM in the Elizabeth Ann Seton room at OLC

Sunday    Dec 10  Customer PICKUP  10AM to 12:15 PM at OLC


Friday       Dec 8  Box Making

Saturday   Dec 9  Pie Making    6:45 AM to 11 AM at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Got Stuff to sell?

We are collecting items to sell at the upcoming 4th Degree Yard Sale.  Please help us collect sale-able items!  If you have anything to contribute, you may bring it on the day of the sale or contact us to tell us about it.  Please see the online form. 

Metal Drive

Wow!  Our Metal Drive is continuous!  You can take your metal to Padnos on Turner just north of Ann Street and tell them to put the cash into our account for Knights of Columbus 7761.  It is easy and, if you are trashing your metal, please consider having a container to collect for us!  Pickup items from neighbors who are throwing metal away.  Recycling metal keeps it out of the stinky landfills.  Please see videos below.

You enter the customer area near the metal Dog Sculpture and metal Dog House, and get in line.  If you need a cart, there are many.  You will be asked what type of metals you have and then you will put it on a scale.  Tell them your account is Knights of Columbus 7761, Rockford, MI


They will weigh and tell you how much you get.


So instead of throwing out pie tins, aluminum serving pans, scrap aluminum, copper wire, nails, etc, I collected two boxes worth $2.50.  I go by Padnos all the time.  You can have a knight pickup your metal recycling if you would rather not go there.


State Award!! for our Culture of Life Project

Council 7761 was awarded the Culture of Life award at the annual Michigan State Council meeting of the Knights of Columbus on Mackinaw Island. We were served by a lady named FATIMA,  yes, her mother named here after the miracle!  “Click”  to start  the  movies.MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 19.07.33-1 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 18.58.48 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 18.58.20 MackinawKofCStateMeet-Lunch-05-26 12.41.18 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 12.04.49 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 11.49.43 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 12.02.50 MackinawKofCStateMeet-justferry-waves-05-26 15.25.19 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 11.50.22 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 11.25.07 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 11.24.26 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 10.32.09 MackinawKofCStateMeet-KofCSIGNcloseup05-26 07.02.30 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-25 18.29.33 MackinawKofCStateMeet-4thwatchingMorningFlagsSHORT05-26 07.05.54 MackinawKofCStateMeet-SacredHeartSeminary05-26 10.13.20 MackinawKofCStateMeet-BishopSermonIntro05-26 07.48.47 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 08.45.33 MackinawKofCStateMeet-05-26 11.51.13


Nate Brown is looking for volunteers to help setup and teardown and help customers with smiling service, and carrying of items during the sale, and to help acquire quality items for resale.  The Knights are very interested in your saleable donations for our yard sale.  IF you have any questions about an item, if you need pickup, or if you have metal for us to recycle, please call Nate at 616-874-8087 to find out more.  VOLUNTEERS please contact Nate by phone or let GK Larry know with our ONLINE signup form (below) if you plan to be working one or both of those days.  We cannot and do NOT want Televisions, or electronic items, such as old computers, monitors, etc, as we have to pay to throw them away and the likelihood of a sale is nearly zero.  (Best Buy does take televisions, at no charge, and you can deliver them at the store-just go in and alert someone and they will take it)

If you can wrap your item in clear plastic-we thank you!  Anything you can do to package your item, to help make it sale -able is greatly appreciated!!  We raise funds at this event to pay the costs of travel for our clergy, among other things.




The 12th annual BEST PROM EVER! will be held on April 22nd 2017 at Sparta High School.  Last years’ event had 1500 guests!  This year attendance is expected to be even larger, possibly 2000!  The Best Prom Ever! is a prom dance for those who are mentally impaired, complete with CATERED DINNER, a DJ for Dancing, plus Prom Portraits and lots of other activities!  Our Knights helped setup, tear-down, and offered special care needed for this event to be able to happen.  Chairperson Renne Wyman is looking forward to our help again this year.

Volunteers MUST submit a background check form for security and to work with youth on a public school campus.  Please visit www.bestpromever.org as soon as possible to do this.

Volunteer positions include serving food, helping on the stairs, restrooms, activities, setup, chair/table moving, and having smiles for all!  Contact Chad Carlisle with our ONLINE FORM below.